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Quarta-feira, 25 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 09:24 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.25

Screenshot 2016-05-25 09.39.58.png


30/05/2016 Amsterdam

at FabCity


We Make Europe - Cities and City Makers enhancing the (Im)Pact of Amsterdam


On May 30, the Ministers of the 28 EU member states sign the Pact of Amsterdam to agree upon the Urban Agenda for the EU. How can cities and City Makers contribute to addressing the challenges the Urban Agenda for the EU means to tackle? And how can we enhance the collaboration between public authorities and engaged citizens, to enhance the social innovation in our cities today?

As part of the New Europe City Makers Summit, URBACT, Eutropian, Agora Europe and Pakhuis de Zwijger jointly organise, in cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions the unique dialogue We Make Europe: Cities and City Makers enhancing the (Im)Pact of Amsterdam at FabCity. In a dialogue City Makers, city officials and political representatives will explore the role of cities and civil society actors in effectively addressing the pressing urban challenges of today.

The event aims at creating a dialogue between Cities and City Makers to enrich the ongoing work of the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships with experience “from the ground”. Namely the discussion with focus on the ongoing Partnerships on Affordable Housing, Refugees and Migrant Inclusion, Urban Poverty and Air Quality. The expected impact of such event is to create an ongoing dialogue between City Administrations, City Makers with the EU Urban Agenda Partnerships and European institutions in order to guarantee a richer variety of inputs into the policy elaboration.


Ateliermob will be debating "Urban Poverty" with Amalia Zepou - Athens Municipality City Council vice mayor for civil society and municipality decentralization


[+ info]








28/05/2016 Rotterdam

at International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2016 – THE NEXT ECONOMY


Funding the Cooperative City, organized by Eutropian


How do City Makers access and develop spaces in various European regions? What is their relationship with public administrations and private financial actors? What are the legal frameworks, organisational formats and economic models they employ? How do they access capital for their development projects? What are the regional differences in how civic economy and community-led urban development are unfolding in Europe?
Funding the Cooperative City explores experiments in community-led real estate development in European cities. The event in the framework of the International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam and the New Europe City Makers Summit brings together protagonists from Lisbon, Berlin, Belgrade, Rome, Budapest and from various Dutch cities to exchange experiences of property development based on community-driven initiatives, civic economic models and cooperative ownership.


Jeroen Laven (Stipo, Rotterdam)
Tiago Mota Saraiva (Ateliermob, Lisbon)
Marc Neelen (Ko gradi grad, Belgrade)
Annet van Otterloo (Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative, Rotterdam)
Martine Zoeteman (De Besturing, The Hague)


Timothy Duin (welovethecity, Rotterdam) (TBC)
Christian Grauvogel (Ex-Mörchenpark / Holzmarkt, Berlin)
Piet Vollaard (City in the Making, Rotterdam)


[+ info]


Quarta-feira, 18 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:43 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.18


[via Plano de Acessibilidade Pedonal de Lisboa]



Terça-feira, 17 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:55 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.17

_Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.53.07 copy.png


 [ENG] One of the sheets that we use for detail design project coordination.




Quinta-feira, 12 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:38 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.12

companhia limitada.jpg



madalena vitorino.JPG 

Madalena Vitorino no Teatro Nacional D. Maria II - Reinaldo Rodrigues (Global Imagens)



[PT] Quando nos perguntam quais as referências arquitectónicas do ateliermob titubeamos na resposta. Talvez haja, em cada um de nós, mas, tudo somado, surgem mestiçadas nos resultados.
Contudo estamos em crer que se não tivessemos vindo a acompanhar, directa e indirectamente, o trabalho dos últimos anos da Madalena Vitorino (do Festival Todos à Companhia Limitada - com o Pedro Salvador), a prática do ateliermob seria diferente.


A ler:

Das ruas do Intendente para a festa nos corredores do Teatro Nacional, no DN

Companhia Limita - Estação Terminal, no site do Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Evento no facebook





Segunda-feira, 9 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 08:53 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.09



I – Airbnb: their terms, their fiction –


In times of globalization, individual tourism and economically driven migrations have gained a bigger scale: on one hand, a neo-colonial search for the exotic, where “unique spaces” are discovered by the individual pioneer, on the other hand, fluxes of people just looking for a cheap and quick solution for a small period of time, as their precarious employment and financial situation demands. It seems that, in this system, belonging means being part of the industry of commoditized culture and city marketing. In most cases, real interaction and the sense of “feeling at home” is not the priority: sometimes, guests (and owners) give up their privacy and try to fit into someone else’s life.


Within the new wave of Internet based services and business models since web 2.0, services as Airbnb and Uber describe themselves as part of a new sharing economy. But what does sharing means in the case of Airbnb? Nearly all of the houses and apartments are not shared – they are simply rented out, just showcased and monetized, while the profit of Airbnb is not shared but boosted on of the top rated start-up already in the Unicorn Club as defined by Aileen Lee. With the “sharing” motto, Airbnb easies the process of turning private spaces into commercial short-term housing spaces.


For the idea of sharing something there is a collective subject needed: the community.
Airbnb works as a global marketplace for stays, mostly in famous cities. The service provider is normally someone with low wages that needs the money to increase its low income or a disguised hostel. The customer does not benefits from local community but from its precarious condition and low regulation. This highly profitable and low responsibility relationships create the community of Airbnb precarious consumers.


Renting or buying homes is getting more difficult for most of world’s population. In most of the cases of spaces rented out via Airbnb, the owners need the extra money to secure their situation as a tenant or debtor, as more and more families are getting pushed to the outskirts of the metropolis. By putting homes on the Airbnb platform, they turn into images: they are being showcased. In most cities Airbnb has already created a housing stock shortage and provided tendencies of gentrification in certain neighborhoods. In countries as Spain, Greece or Portugal renting out via Airbnb can be considered, in many cases, as a method to consolidate the status quo of precarious workers, rising rents and living costs.

Unique Places and Authenticity
The more trendy a neighborhood is, the better one can sell an Airbnb announcement, just as the more “hip”, better images of “unique places” can be created. In the process of monetizing unique places, dwellers alienate themselves from their homes, and architecture becomes somewhat of a fictitious place. Belonging becomes difficult and through the created images the authenticity turns into a farce: The user consumes at least an illusion of what is supposed to be there.


Monetize and showcase extra spaces
It is clearly the goal of Airbnb to make money and not to share. Since when does sharing mean selling or renting? Surely the Airbnb Corporation could assume the action of paying the taxes in each country, but it seems that they prefer to keep taxes as low as possible, while the European headquarters will move into the less taxed country – now it's Ireland. Airbnb supports new announces by providing free professional photo shootings, producing perfect photos and creating images of these unique places, which are simply unreal. On the other hand, on its therms and conditions, Airbnb rejects any responsibilities on the provided renting contract acting just as a well paid observer and facilitator.




II What are we going to do?


Our intervention consists of creating make-believe homes from Lisbon in Copenhagen industry of Airbnb houses'. From 50 fake profiles, we will produce 100 fake Copenhagen houses of Lisbon homes.
For this experience we have chosen Lisbon because it is a growing market of Airbnb due to the austerity measures that Portugal has been suffering but also because it will occur in the last semester of 2016 one event that we would like to connect with this Oslo Triennale edition: the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Matching both events will support the intended discussion of Airbnb effects on architecture practices and city, which is our goal with this provocative project.

This process will be developed alongside four steps:
1. Three months to prepare fake profiles and photograph Lisbon homes;
2. Six months of dealing with airbnb platform and 100 houses to rent;
3. Three months of providing analyses and conclusions to be exhibited in Copenhagen.

At the end, we will unveil the project and demonstrate these unreal belongings, the non-sharing community and the alienation of architecture in form of an exhibition in Copenhagen during the Triennale and in Lisbon.




Quinta-feira, 5 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 09:47 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.05

Screenshot 2016-05-05 09.48.59.png


[+ info



Quarta-feira, 4 de Maio de 2016
ateliermob, às 08:19 | comentar :: comment | 2016.05.04

terras da costa paula miranda.jpg


[PT] Depois de ter sido um parceiro fundamental na concretização da Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa, a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian disponibilizou uma nova bolsa para que possamos continuar o trabalho com os moradores das Terras.
Desta vez o desafio é maior, trata-se do realojamento.
Nos próximos meses estaremos no bairro a mapear os espaços físicos e sistemas de relações existentes, a apoiar os moradores na discussão e organização do realojamento e a trabalhar com a Câmara Municipal de Almada para que este processo resulte numa nova e participada forma de conceber e produzir habitação.
Contamos com a ajuda e com a força de todos os que, de tantas formas, têm vindo a mostrar o seu apoio ao bairro.


ateliermob + colectivo warehouse 


[ENG] ...



Quarta-feira, 27 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 18:12 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.27

"(...) Assim, a Assembleia Municipal de Almada reunida em sessão ordinária nos dias 25 e 26 de fevereiro de 2016, delibera:

1. Saudar o ateliermob e o Colectivo Warehouse pelo reconhecimento do projeto ‘Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa’ e pela atribuição do prémio de Edifício do Ano de 2016 na categoria ‘Public Architecture’ pela plataforma ArchDaily.

2. Saudar a Associação de Moradores das Terras da Costa e, por seu intermédio, todos os moradores do Bairro das Terras da Costa, pelo trabalho, luta e intervenção permanentes por melhores condições de vida.

3. Saudar a Câmara Municipal de Almada pelo apoio à construção da Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa, pela intervenção e diligências realizadas para a sua concretização, e pela resposta a algumas das necessidades mais prementes da população residente.

4. Manifestar o apoio à Câmara Municipal de Almada na concretização de um processo de realojamento construído com os moradores, passível de assegurar aos mesmos, na Costa da Caparica, uma habitação digna e de qualidade, por intermédio de um processo que aponte a uma melhoria da situação social e económica da população residente no Bairro das Terras da Costa."


Edital 496/XI-3.º/2015/2016 de 26 de fevereiro de 2016


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Terça-feira, 26 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:43 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.26



Friday, 20 May

Akademie der Künste


4 – 7 pm
Keynote: Peter Cachola Schmal (Director Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt a.M.): Arrival Cities as Bazaar
Denkraum: Ana Dana Beroš (Architect, Curator/Zagreb), Raquel Rolnik (Urban Planner/São Paulo), Tiago Mota Saraiva (Architect, Urban Planner/Lisbon)


[+ info]




Sexta-feira, 22 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:37 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.22

cml acessibilidads.jpg


[PT] Participação gratuita. Vagas limitadas. Inscreva-se em:



Quinta-feira, 21 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 15:01 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.21



[PT] 'Casas para Todos? As políticas habitacionais em Portugal: conquistas, lacunas e desafios' 

[+ info]



Terça-feira, 19 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 07:57 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.19

Screenshot 2016-04-19 07.56.58.png



[ENG] Ateliermob is pleased to announce that will participate at  [AUTONOMA] conferences, 1st and 2nd July, Athens.



Segunda-feira, 18 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 11:52 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.18

Screenshot 2016-04-18 11.26.29.png



Terça-feira, 5 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 09:40 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.05

Screenshot 2016-04-05 09.37.35.png


[ENG] Ateliermob is glad to announce that will participate on the "Public Space: Fights and Fictions" debates scheduled to the Akademie der Künste (Berlin) - 20th May and 21st May debates with the confirmed participations of Nana Adusei-Poku (Zürich); Ethel Baraona Pohl (Barcelona); Jaakko Blomberg (Helsinki); Danijela Dugandžić Živanović (Sarajevo); Eva Franch i Gilabert (New York); Elpida Karaba (Athen); Léopold Lambert (Paris); Marvi Mazhar (Karachi); Kaiwan Mehta (Mumbai); Omar Nagati (Kairo); Gabi Ngcobo (Johannesburg); Raquel Rolnik (São Paulo). 


[+ info]




Sexta-feira, 1 de Abril de 2016
ateliermob, às 12:02 | comentar :: comment | 2016.04.01

Trienalle Milano.jpg


[ + info ]



ateliermob - arquitectura, design e urbanismo lda.
Plataforma multidisciplinar de desenvolvimento de ideias, investigação e projectos nas áreas da arquitectura, design e urbanismo. É assim que tudo costuma começar. A partir daí trabalha-se tudo o resto. Só é impossível o que não entusiasma, o que não é criativo, o que nos afasta das pessoas.
[saber mais]

Ateliermob is a multidisciplinary platform which develops projects, ideas and research within architecture, design and urbanism. This is the way it usually starts. From this point, everything is worked out. The impossible is to work on the unexciting, on the uncreative, on what diverges from people needs.
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