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Terça-feira, 31 de Agosto de 2010
ateliermob, às 09:28 | comentar :: comment | 2010.08.31


[ENG] Trends and Fads, the 3rd issue of Beyond, Short Stories on the Post-Contemporary, is already available. You may order it online with a discount until 21 November 2010.


Beyond #01 - Scenarios and Speculations

Bruce Sterling, Aaron Betsky, Superstudio, Wes Jones, Shumon Basar, Srdjan Jovanic Weiss, Michelle Provost, Antonio Scarponi...


Beyond #02 - Values and Symptoms

Douglas Coupland, Lieven de Cauter, Rui Zink, François Roche, Roomer van Toorn, Markus Miessen, Sam Jacob, Andrés Jaque...


Beyond #03 - Trends and Fads

Ole Bouman, Oren Safdie, Martha Cooley, Georg Simmel, Kieran Long, Ines Weisman, Giovanna Borasi, Mockitecture, Moov+Dass...

Segunda-feira, 30 de Agosto de 2010
ateliermob, às 17:27 | comentar :: comment | 2010.08.30


Video from domusweb

Quarta-feira, 4 de Agosto de 2010
ateliermob, às 16:46 | comentar :: comment | 2010.08.04

[ENG] September 6-7 Designboost presents DesignBoost - Made in [Arnhem] in Arnhem, Holland through a variety of integrated BoostChat (workshops) and BoostTalk (lectures). We will invite Boosters from Holland and all over the world which represent the true frontline within design in its broadest context. All are authorities in their field of expertise and our selection reflects the principle that design is multidisciplinary reaching way beyond the obvious. Our carefully selected Boosters will interact on the theme "Design for Life" over two days with companies, organisations and institutions. BoostChat is for invited only while the BoostTalk is open for public as well. When it comes to sustainable life there are probably many things that needs to be questioned, left could very well be right. The objective of DesignBoost - Made in [Arnhem] is to make everybody question, reach awareness and think in new paths when it comes to creating better lives for lots of people. This is after all the ultimate goal for all design.

DesignBoost - Made in [Arnhem] is a collaboration between Designboost, Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, Premsela and City of Arnhem.

ateliermob, às 09:09 | comentar :: comment | 2010.08.04


[ENG] In this year's "Bankruptcy of Architecture", the workshop will investigate the local conditions as a particular moment of a financial crisis. Can the crisis determine some strategies for architecture? The particular Greek moment takes an emblematic form: a positive, constructive look to this bankrupted world we built is needed. At the contrary some very strong concepts need to be redefined, such the concept of "nature" or the "politics of reuse". Some changes of the value systems have to be taken under consideration for the function of a workshop that always related art to architecture through theoretical investigation.



Terça-feira, 3 de Agosto de 2010
ateliermob, às 09:00 | comentar :: comment | 2010.08.03


via arkinet

[official website]

ateliermob - arquitectura, design e urbanismo lda.
Plataforma multidisciplinar de desenvolvimento de ideias, investigação e projectos nas áreas da arquitectura, design e urbanismo. É assim que tudo costuma começar. A partir daí trabalha-se tudo o resto. Só é impossível o que não entusiasma, o que não é criativo, o que nos afasta das pessoas.
[saber mais]

Ateliermob is a multidisciplinary platform which develops projects, ideas and research within architecture, design and urbanism. This is the way it usually starts. From this point, everything is worked out. The impossible is to work on the unexciting, on the uncreative, on what diverges from people needs.
[+ info]
ateliermob @ facebook

Estamos nomeados para o prémio "Nação Inovadora". Para que ninguém vote enganado aqui fica uma explicação do que somos e ao que andamos.

Posted by ateliermob on Wednesday, 23 September 2015
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International internship program at ateliermob
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ateliermob: What ever happened?

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